Sunday, May 17, 2009

Today acording to a news publication Twitter and Face book were creating havoc in the work place. It also mentioned one guy who posted that he got a job offer in San Jose and he was weighing his options which were, the commute and the fact that he did not like the work. To that of a fat paycheck. I don't know about you, but I'm wondering how this peace of work got as far as he did, in order to get the offer in the first place. I cant tell you how many times I meet people that are just getting by. Doing just what they need to squeak by. The only thing that I want to be associated with that squeak's by, is the byproduct my body produces when it turns food I eat , into energy, so that i can stay clear of this type of individual. Because even as a low level employs this guy or gale can ruin you, and what ever type of business your in will determine how long it will take. I understand that selfishness is a form of survival in some cases. I know because I'm not one who has not faltered at one point or another. My point is that Facebook is just like talking to your coworkers at work or any other place that you mite be in each others proximity. Except with Facebook your using a bull horn so every one can hear. So use your head and if your going to use a bullhorn you need to choose your words carefully.
In closing I solute my brothers and sisters at arms who have given there life's for our country. You I give my deepest gratitude for your sacrifice and that of your family's. I will Honor you always. Until we meet again on the other side . Sianara......

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