Sunday, March 22, 2009

We live in our own world and most of us will not faulter from our goles, what ever they may be. We are affected by what will affect us. This i know only from fourty years of expeirence wacthing and learning when I was able to, about people what they do and why they do it. Some folkes would just rather be left alone than get involved. I say to those people, God forbid that you or one of your loved ones is assuolted or worse murderd, you would whant who ever witnessed the offence if any one, to get involved and bring the perps on front of the judge. Thats the problem, people just want to live there lives, and not be bothered by other people problems. Thats fine and dandy, but lets give a little and not be such ninnes, that we cannot stand up for whats right , and whats just. Last nite I witnessed two adults try and slap around a 17 year old kid only because he asked for a cigeret. This is where I step in, and gave a statment to the police after i provented the situation from escalating. maybe if the prosicuter proceeds with criminal charges , we may save a life later down the road. In closing I would like to say to the Chicago Cubes. Start winning games and up the anny , and you will get the better stadium. We all know you would already be in Florida if you so desiered, so spear use the shim sham...

Saturday, March 21, 2009

In 1985 I would go to the orenge groves with my youth grupe and we would provide a hot meal and blankets to migrant workers. The migrants were illegal aliens that had just come over the border, or ones who had already come over and were working and living in the fields. Who knew the farmers would have let them live in squalor just so they could cultivate the crop. In serving theis people my inquisitive nature would allow me to engage in nonjudgmental conversation. In doing so i remember them telling me that most of them were from El Salvador, and that thay were there because they were having a civil war in their country, and that the armys were taking there kids as they walked to the store to buy milk and bread. I was floored at the fact that any army of a nation would do such a thing. That they would take young children to fight a political war. Turns out that the kids were joinimg volenterily and the parents had not one thing to say, because if they did, it would mean certin death.

this brings us to my piont (Mara Salvatrucha) a gang that started in Los Angeles a gang with a ruthless reputation, the mexican mafia uses them on hits and gun running. the members 50,000 strong are living among us, here in the United states. Are they dangerus? Oh ya, they are the ones who cohesively are responsible for 80% of gang vilonce in the United states. The F.B.I states that 600 members have Ben arrested and deported back. Well at least i know they cant get back in because we build a 12 foot deep concreat fence on our border, that the border patrol states they have not found any tunnels sence its compleation, Arizona is ground zero. We need to step up and get involved. A 12 foot fenc will not keep the animals out. It will only up the any on passing over. We must all take responsibility and do dilagence and stay alert and not turn a blind eye because if we do we will not be able to send our kids to the store for bread and milk. Oh hold on, we can't do the now! Hmmmm.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

March ninteenth, today is the birthday of my seven year old Geah. She is smart, and to the point. She encomposes everything that I had, but did not use as a child. She, as well as Isabel, my four year old and my son Niko, are the reason I get up in the morning.
In the United States some missing teens are labled as runaways, that gives law inforcement the ability to say "hey we have to woury abought murderurs and rapist". Not to mention drug runners and human smugglers and pety thiefs. how are we going to stem the issu. This is one of those, falling through the cracks thing. And we as United States citizens are going to stand by and hope that someone else takes care of the situation. Well, let me let you in on a little secret . We are not stepping up, and the advocates of this sad tragedy that is manifesting its self in our nation home lands are the parents themselves, after their own child failed to come home from school or a friday nite party.
This brings me to the issu at hand. Lets talk abought gang bangers.
The "crew party" a party that begins to be advertised early on in the week at our schools across the valley. Done so with the best tech available to teens, text messaging. The "crew party" is hosted by gang members, that earlier in the week made several beer runs and stocked up on plenty of booz, and not to forget the rec drugs that will be available at the "crew party" . The gang members will use the addiction that these drugs commend from their users and use this strong motivator to lour these young women into there world. and the next thing you know , this 13, 14 or fifteen year old is on her way to some city away from where they are now, with promise of excitment and not having parents to tell them what to do and when to do it. Or not having to deal with a coke smoking, beer drinking crake head mom or dad. And there you are the gang member drives to a predestined city and lets the teen in on the fact that if they want more drugs they will have to earn money and we all know what that means.
This story is all to familiar to many families across this country and it's worse in some states than others. we must come together and stop these animals from taking our young women. We must do it in the most humain way possible. That is why we are the united states Of America.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

There are almost one million homeless teens living on the streets of our nation. Children who for one reason or another are on the street wondering where would be a good place to safely sleep for the night. I call that on oxy moron. Last week I was granted the opportunity to visit our local VA medical center to have my Staples removed. an alleged veteran sat next to me and started spouting ideological blunder, from saying that Donald Trump and Bill Gates should relinquish there riches to the poor, to something about people in Brazil that are living in the gut er. I responded as gentlemanly as possible and told him that i did not give two shits about the gutters in Brazil. This guy got up and wanted to fite with me. My point is, that we have young people living in the gutter in the United states and we cannot stand by and say that thay belong there because there bad kids. We must all try and help those who in most cases do not have the support system to get past and overcome life issues. On my next visit I will talk about the young women who are being shanghaied right out of our neighborhoods. In closing for today I would like to ask the individuals that were transporting dogs on the back of there pick up truck on the way to whatever it was that they were on the way to do, is that i know my 4 year old knows not to turn over a boiling pot of water that's on the stove. It does not mean that I will let her play around that same boiling pot. Until next time, and may the wind be always at your back. Sianara!