Saturday, October 31, 2009

Good Times.

As we approach years end. I cannot deny that three hundred and sixty five bad days are better than no days at all. My Mom always ask if I am happy. As her Son, I try to always answer with a yes. There have been times that I may have stretched the truth a little, but for the most part, I was able to answer with a yes. I remember sitting on the beach, watching the sun rising from the East. It was 1987 and I was on top of the world. I remember thinking that this was a time I would remember for a long time. Fortunately I never left the top. I have done whatever I wanted and when. This to me is priceless. I cant tell you how many people I would run into growing up and all I would hear is, I should of done this, or I would of done that but. It was my gaol in life from a very early age, to do every thing as if tomorrow is your last day on Earth. Some have come to not like me very much for the way that I am. To them I say, Good luck with that. Most have only added to the joy and good times. This goes out to my Fisherman Brother who is out somewhere off the coast of Alaska. He was on that beach with me on some of those blistery mornings. Sianara!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Working to live, or living to work

As I progress in age I cant help but ask if it was worth it. If what was worth it you ask? If all the effort I put into what my life is now, was all that effort worth what I have today. Well, let me see. I have three kids who love me very much and are convinced that I am the strongest and smartest Daddy out of all the Daddy's. I can wipe my ass on my own. I can feed myself, and at times even prepare the meal. Life is really pretty good about now. I love what I do for work and I love even more what work does for me. I guess I work to live and live to work, only because I can. So the next time you ask yourself why am I here. Make sure its the last time you have to answer. In closing I would like the FLDS leadership to know, that the Babylonians came and went. That its not high ground in Heaven that you get for turning out good. Its bigger wings so you can fly faster and higher than those who did little to be his brothers keeper. Sianara!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

If it looks like a Duck you could be in trouble!

Seems to me that the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints . (FLDS) is all about having sex with as many women as one can support. In many cases as young as 16 years old. Wow I'm having a time with just one full time 35 year old Woman. I cant imagine more. You know what they say, if it looks like a Duck and sounds like a duck. Your probably in Colorado City, Arizona. On my next, we will look into some of the names of leaders of what some call a religious cult. Sianara...

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Legal Child Sexual abuse in America?

Today as I sit not able to tear my thoughts away from the fact that somewhere in this country of ours there is a child that may be in need of help. Help to get away from what he or she may have to endure from their sexual abuser. Lets take a moment and think about this. The U.S. deems Crimes Against Children a Capital crime, thus bringing with it a Capital punishment. That said, why are the Polygamist able to hide behind the Cloth and still operate within our Country. The Catholic Priest accused and convicted are not able to. We are coming down pretty hard on them, and for good reason. Please stay tuned, because I think I may have become a self proclaimed Investigative Reporter by Fiat alone.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Life Quotes.

If you are going to make a decision based on your needs alone. You will end up the same!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

A point in time is a hub to many possibilities

A really good friend of mine who I consider my brother, does not believe that Fate is something which governs our existence. I would like to not change his thinking, but only to point out that we arrive at a point in time out of fate. A point in time is a hub for many possibilities. Fate will give you choice. The choice made will dictate your outcome. We seem to make our decisions based on what the ones we love are in need of. Be it ourselves or otherwise. With that commitment comes the residue of the act. This residue is what will chip away at you until you are down to the nub unless you take possession of your direction. So when reaching a point in time, make sure that your choice is what you really want. Just remember that when the residue hits its mark. Just tell yourself that it's only the price you are paying for the direction you decided on at your Point In Time. Sianara!

Friday, October 2, 2009

I would like to challenge you to think of some of the things you would like someone to say at your end of life. I know that some, if not many of you would declare zero attention in regards to what people may or do think of you. That said, the challenge is to ask yourself whether or not you made a difference for the better, in peoples lives. It is not what they think of us. Its what we think of them. Sianara.