Thursday, October 22, 2009

Working to live, or living to work

As I progress in age I cant help but ask if it was worth it. If what was worth it you ask? If all the effort I put into what my life is now, was all that effort worth what I have today. Well, let me see. I have three kids who love me very much and are convinced that I am the strongest and smartest Daddy out of all the Daddy's. I can wipe my ass on my own. I can feed myself, and at times even prepare the meal. Life is really pretty good about now. I love what I do for work and I love even more what work does for me. I guess I work to live and live to work, only because I can. So the next time you ask yourself why am I here. Make sure its the last time you have to answer. In closing I would like the FLDS leadership to know, that the Babylonians came and went. That its not high ground in Heaven that you get for turning out good. Its bigger wings so you can fly faster and higher than those who did little to be his brothers keeper. Sianara!