Sunday, October 4, 2009

A point in time is a hub to many possibilities

A really good friend of mine who I consider my brother, does not believe that Fate is something which governs our existence. I would like to not change his thinking, but only to point out that we arrive at a point in time out of fate. A point in time is a hub for many possibilities. Fate will give you choice. The choice made will dictate your outcome. We seem to make our decisions based on what the ones we love are in need of. Be it ourselves or otherwise. With that commitment comes the residue of the act. This residue is what will chip away at you until you are down to the nub unless you take possession of your direction. So when reaching a point in time, make sure that your choice is what you really want. Just remember that when the residue hits its mark. Just tell yourself that it's only the price you are paying for the direction you decided on at your Point In Time. Sianara!