Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Sun shines on every day

Most of the individuals I come across in my day to day, seem to for the most part go to work, and are in pursuit of a happy place. Then for one day every week, they go to a place called a Church. At this gathering of faithful and giving individuals, a man or woman reads from a book and then gives a presentation of his or her interpretation of what the letters in the book really mean. What I have described to you is what a large percentage of Americas population does on a weekly basis. Then on Monday they all go back to the rat race, and Sundays sermon is gone just like Sunday. Or is it. Why isn't it Sunday every day!? Jesus wants us to live as he did. He knew that man needed free will, and that pleasures of the flesh could only be opposed by the biggest sacrifice of all, his life. As I am out among killers and thieves I say to my soul," I'm going to be just and swift, I will have Mercy, I will not think of myself, but in all party's involved". The Sun should shine on every day not just on Sunday. Sianara.