Sunday, April 25, 2010

One summer day

When ever the pain I deal with starts to act up, I just think about the time just prier to the doctors at the VA cutting into my back. It was a beautiful day outside and the night before arraignments were made to have our six month old looked after by family so I could go out and call on a hand full of clients, and follow up on leads that needed day canvasing in some of the most drug infested areas of Chicago. I remember this day as if it were yesterday. After a shit, shower, and a shave I was getting dressed, and as I tried to bring my leg up to put my sock on the pain in my back prevented me from doing so. Like a dumb ass, out of brute force I yanked my leg up to my other knee. Before I could reach the knee I felt almost like an electric shock surge through my body. Immediately I fell to the ground in an attempted to straiten out my torso. As long as I kept my body straight I felt no pain. The only problem was I Had just finished with a shower and my cell was on the kitchen counter ten feet away. The only other phone that was close was on my desk and out of reach, I would have to stand up and at this point that was not possible. I started yelling for help, but know one was hearing me. I was going to have to lay there all day or I would have to crawl to my cell. Looking back now, I should have waited. After a little motivational talk with myself, I reach with both hands for some floor and pulled. Immediately It felt like I was being hit by lightning, and I only made it about 10 inches. I did this nine more excruciating times, crying in agony like a baby, screaming at the top of my lungs. It would have been a good soundtrack for a horror movie. Finally I reached the cell and I called my better half at work and filled her in on my last. I don't know how, but she made it home very fast, even after stopping at ace hardware for the bolt cutters she was going to need to cut the chain that I had put back on after everybody left that morning. When she got to the house she opened the door and before she reached up with the bolt cutters, she looked at me through the slightly opened door and we both started laughing. It didn't last very long because as soon as I started laughing the shock hit me again. She cut the chain and the fire department gave me a ride to the hospital where I laid on my back for five more days. I like looking back on that day. I really like the fact that I can walk