Thursday, March 4, 2010

Racing For Autism

One out of every 150 children is diagnosed with autism. Across our Nation Parent's from divers background's face the challenge of living Autistic fluent lifestyles. Parents have amassed enough information to support a PHD. They have become experts on the ins and outs of the still virtually unknown realm of Autism. I know this because my son Niko was diagnosed with Asperger at age 4. He is very bright, but the magic will not show itself unless he himself lets it flow. I have never been able to hug my son and have him hug me back, this action, the one where he is not able to show affection with a simple hug helped me to start a foundation on which to build a better understanding of Autism and how to better interact with my son Niko. I am sharing this very sensitive information so that Parents who are living the Autistic lifestyle will know that they do not stand alone. You are Heroes and I solute you. Don't ever quit, and remember Autism is just a different way to learn. Sianara and God speed. (my son Niko is 13)

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