Friday, March 5, 2010


Mid life, what does that mean? Does it mean you should go out and live for the moment. Does it mean you fall out of love with your woman or man. Maybe it means you die your heir and get a face lift. To me mid life means I got one chance to try, and now its for keeps. No second chances when you hit mid life. You must hit the nail dead on. If your off for what ever reason just trust your process and follow through. Otherwise you face a barrage of distractions. If you stop and question your ability rather than applying the peddle to the floor, you may miss your mark and this will ultimately lead you down the wrong path. The past is the past and with out it we would not be who we are today. I now believe that it is what it is, and not you or I can change that unless it applies to ourselves. The past may come back out of nowhere. If it does you should embrace it and follow your heart. I really believe we are who we are, when we are, for a reason. Only time will tell the truth. We should try and live for love and love to live. To my brothers and sisters in arms, God speed. Sianara.