Wednesday, March 18, 2009

There are almost one million homeless teens living on the streets of our nation. Children who for one reason or another are on the street wondering where would be a good place to safely sleep for the night. I call that on oxy moron. Last week I was granted the opportunity to visit our local VA medical center to have my Staples removed. an alleged veteran sat next to me and started spouting ideological blunder, from saying that Donald Trump and Bill Gates should relinquish there riches to the poor, to something about people in Brazil that are living in the gut er. I responded as gentlemanly as possible and told him that i did not give two shits about the gutters in Brazil. This guy got up and wanted to fite with me. My point is, that we have young people living in the gutter in the United states and we cannot stand by and say that thay belong there because there bad kids. We must all try and help those who in most cases do not have the support system to get past and overcome life issues. On my next visit I will talk about the young women who are being shanghaied right out of our neighborhoods. In closing for today I would like to ask the individuals that were transporting dogs on the back of there pick up truck on the way to whatever it was that they were on the way to do, is that i know my 4 year old knows not to turn over a boiling pot of water that's on the stove. It does not mean that I will let her play around that same boiling pot. Until next time, and may the wind be always at your back. Sianara!