Thursday, March 19, 2009

March ninteenth, today is the birthday of my seven year old Geah. She is smart, and to the point. She encomposes everything that I had, but did not use as a child. She, as well as Isabel, my four year old and my son Niko, are the reason I get up in the morning.
In the United States some missing teens are labled as runaways, that gives law inforcement the ability to say "hey we have to woury abought murderurs and rapist". Not to mention drug runners and human smugglers and pety thiefs. how are we going to stem the issu. This is one of those, falling through the cracks thing. And we as United States citizens are going to stand by and hope that someone else takes care of the situation. Well, let me let you in on a little secret . We are not stepping up, and the advocates of this sad tragedy that is manifesting its self in our nation home lands are the parents themselves, after their own child failed to come home from school or a friday nite party.
This brings me to the issu at hand. Lets talk abought gang bangers.
The "crew party" a party that begins to be advertised early on in the week at our schools across the valley. Done so with the best tech available to teens, text messaging. The "crew party" is hosted by gang members, that earlier in the week made several beer runs and stocked up on plenty of booz, and not to forget the rec drugs that will be available at the "crew party" . The gang members will use the addiction that these drugs commend from their users and use this strong motivator to lour these young women into there world. and the next thing you know , this 13, 14 or fifteen year old is on her way to some city away from where they are now, with promise of excitment and not having parents to tell them what to do and when to do it. Or not having to deal with a coke smoking, beer drinking crake head mom or dad. And there you are the gang member drives to a predestined city and lets the teen in on the fact that if they want more drugs they will have to earn money and we all know what that means.
This story is all to familiar to many families across this country and it's worse in some states than others. we must come together and stop these animals from taking our young women. We must do it in the most humain way possible. That is why we are the united states Of America.

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