Saturday, January 9, 2010

Do not force your view, lead by example

This life we live, what a ride it has been. Not really knowing if tomorrow is coming is what keeps me going. Today a young woman, one with a significant past (only displayed to me through her emotion), accused me of attacking in order to enjoy the actual act of overpowering with words. I say to her, I will only attack when the apposing force moves forward on the power of others. A piggy back attempt if you will, to declare their own conviction on the rest of use with out regard for the collective group. This to me is the same action as our foes from the far left and right. Who only because of the energy given to them by Anger and Hate are able to tow the time line required to move major issues forward so that all may be counted. This only available to the populous in America. A free land in witch people can exude what ever it is they may deem important to the rest of us, and if we are not able to digest whats being frothed out, there seems to be a common effort to try and force it down our collective throats. Speak your peace, if people listen great. If they do not want to expos themselves to it, let them be. That's my take. God speed to my Brothers and Sisters in arms. You are my Hero's. Thank you, Sianara.