Saturday, November 28, 2009

Self- Reliance

I have arrived at a time in my life when I must make a decision to ether bury my head in the sand, or fight for what I believe in. Fighting for what one believes in is the most energy draining, life altering, move it or lose it moment of one's existence. When all ells fails, we seem to gravitate in the direction of last resorts. I feel that I am at my last resort. One that will require leadership, endurance, and the most important element of them all, Self -Reliance. Self reliance is the one thing that you must really have yourself wrap around, in order to endure the ups and downs of life's curve balls. Self reliance is a product of ones inner most desires. We will rely on ourselves to do what we deem important to our survival. If you lose site of your goal, Self- Reliance will get you back on track. Once you get yourself back on the road to self enlightenment. Then only can one consider him or her self back on the road to true love of Life! I will not bury my head. Please do not bury yours. Sianara.